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10 Amazon's Best Selling Baby Basic Safety Products

Babies are active generally when they are wide awake. They touch anything wherever they can reach. So, in order not to get them hurt with minimal parent's supervision, it's good to make certain furniture, appliances and etc. to be child-proof. Here are the 10 best sellers in Amazon that most parents bought.

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1. Table Corner Edge Protectors

Babies may have activities around furniture. So in order to prevent them from getting hurting from accidentally bump their head or eyes around the corners of sharp edges, it's good to cover them.

2. Summer 3Dmini Convenience Stroller

In order to prevent children from sticking their fingers into the electrical socket outlet and get shock out of their curiosity nature, it's good to cover those spare socket outlets with socket guards.

3. Child Safety Strap Locks For Fridge

Out of curiosity, children like to 'touch' things. They like to open up movable things and check out the content inside with no supervision. So in order not to let them get hurt and you have an ease of mind, it's better to lock Fridge door, Cabinet doors , drawers dishwaster and etc. after use.

4. Toilet Seat Lock Child Safety

You will never know what your baby or pet can do wonder with the dirty toilet bowl. So to prevent mishap from happening, to cover the toilet seat cover with children or pet at home is encouraged.

5. Eco-Baby Cabinet Locks for Babies

This Cabinet Locks is easy to use and install, do watch the video for installation guide.

6. Baby Swing Down Sleep Rail Guard

Baby likes to roll around when they sleep, so in order not to let them fall off bed, a sleeping rail guard is necessary. Just a note, make sure you measure the baby bed length before your purchase. If it isn't the dimension that you want, then browse through similar products inside Amazon.

7. Baby Bed Rail Bumer

The feeling of hitting the rail guard while at sleep is not pleasant because the frames are made of metal. In order not to let babies to get bruises, it's good to have a bed rail bumper in between.

8. Baby/Children Electrical Sockets Cover Box

In order not to let baby / Chidden to get shock unnecessary, for safety assurance, it's better to cover electrical outlets with a box or a socket cover. 

9. Baby Sliding Glass Door Child Lock

Due to their active behavior, young children like to climb around, so in order to prevent them not to fall off from windows, a sliding glass door child lock is a must.

10. Child Gate

It creates some sort of deterrence or obstacle. Example, while the baby is sleeping and you want the baby to be confined in the bedroom when he/she woke up while you are in the kitchen busy cooking, so this child gate is useful to prevent them crawling/wandering around to touch dangerous and unnecessary things without supervision.

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