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10 Amazon's Best Selling Dog Toys

Your pet dog is generally active and they need something to keep them occupied, or else these animals will easily get bored and chew on your furniture, sofa, toilet papers, pillows and etc. So in order to stop them from creating a mess in the house, 10 Amazon's best selling dog toys are recommended to keep them occupied while you are not around for supervision.

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1. BarkBox 2-in-1 Interactive Plush Puzzle Dog Toys

This toy is meant to be destroyed as dog like to chew on things. However, it is very durable and it has a a separate squeaky sad face toy inside the exterior one, which is joyful. This can surprise your pet and amuse it.

2. Wobble Wag Giggle Ball

This ball will produce giggle sound when shaken or rolled, it also glow in the dark so your pet dog can be active in the night too. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. the giggle sound produced also catches the dog's attention and it knows is a 'playtime'.

3. Petstages Dog Chew Toys – Safe and Long Lasting Chewable Sticks

Instead of worrying of your pet dog 'destroying' your furniture, sofa, pillow, toilet papers and etc. and create a mess at home, why not let it chew on a stick which taste and smell naturally?

It is made of safe material and comes in multiples sizes to suit your dog sizes.

4. Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Squeaky Puzzle Plush Dog Toy

To bring out your pet dog natural hunting instinct, just hide the 3 squeaky squirrels in the trunk and toss it. Let you dog to find them and 'dig' them out one by one. it has several sizes to fit your dog size.

5. Nina Ottosson Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys

This dog toy is very interactive. Not only it is simple but also engaging and mind stinulating for training your dog. This puzzle toy is level one. Simply just hide the dog food under any of the puzzle and let the dog search for it.

6. TRIXIE Dog Activity Flip Board

This hide-and-seek board puzzle game is both interactive and mind challenging. It helps to kills it's boredom and destructive behavior. Your dog will get the reward when it finds the dog food hiding underneath.

7. KONG - Flyer - Durable Rubber Flying Disc Dog Toy - for Small Dogs

This flying disc or 'frisbee' is durable and flies well. It promotes your dog's instinctive need to play and encourage lots of  healthy exercise.

8. goDog Checkers

This plush dog toy is built with chew guard technology so it is tear resistance. It is much more durable and stronger, thereby prolong your dog's playtime.

9. Benebone Real Bacon Durable Wishbone Dog Chew Toy

This wishbone dog  chew toy is durable and long lasting even for weeks. It is also flavor one hundred percent with real bacon taste. It helps to tame aggressive dog and keep it occupied so it will not destroy your household furniture, sofa, pilllows, toilet papers and etc.

10. KONG - Classic Dog Chew & Durable Toy

Most dogs are stimulated by food, so hide some food loosely within the rubber toy. This toy not only bring out its natural instinct to look for food but also keep it occupied at the same time. They will soon learn how to get food from this rubber toy as a reward.

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