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10 Amazon's Best Selling Baby Basic Health Care Products

Babies are generally low in immunity at the very beginning. Besides, they still don't know how to express themselves when they met with any discomfort due to their limited vocabulary, so the only way is to cry in order to catch attention. Babies are treated like gems to parents, therefore we need to take care of them from health onward. Here are the 10 most Amazon's best selling baby basic health care products for your ideas.

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1. Contactless Forehead Thermometer For Baby And Adult

When baby is running a fever, the body temperature tend to be high. This contactless forehead thermometer become useful and detect it out without touching the body. Besides, it can also be used to read food, room or liquid temperature accurately.

2.Baby Nasal Aspirator

When the baby has a block nose, its very uncomfortable since they don't know how to blow out their mucus yet. So this apparatus help to clear the nasal congestion by 'sucking' out the mucus to clear the blockage. 

3. Baby 3-in-1 ear-nose-nail picker

This picker tools is useful because it can be used for 3 purposes. You literally can pick baby's ear wax, nose booger and dirt that hide in the gap between the nail and fingers. 

4. Baby Nasal Booger and Ear Wax Cleaner

Besides the product above mentioned, there is another best selling baby health care tool. This tool helps to clear the blockage caused by nasal booger so that the baby can breathe normally. It also can be used to clear the ear wax as well safely.

5. Baby Colic Gas Reliever

It's very uncomfortable to have wind in the tummy so this tool comes in handy to relieve the 'wind' through the baby's anus safely.

6. Baby Organic Gripe Water Gel

For newborns, as they still do not know how to burp out the gas from their tummy, it causes discomfort as a result. This gripe water gel helps to relieve the discomfort from colic gas as such.

7. Baby Natural Teething Relief

During the teething phase, there are a lot of discomfort and painful moment that new tooth are coming out from their gum. This natural medication helps to temporarily relief their pain.

8. Baby Teething Toy

During the baby teething phase, they like to suck and bite on things due to the discomfort in the gum, so this soft silicon teether toy helps to do the work instead of letting them to suck on their own fingers.

9. Baby Finger Toothbrush

This finger toothbrush is very useful because there is milk scum appeared in their mouth after each feed. Since baby still not yet introduced to toothbrush to them yet, as parents, it's easier for them to keep the baby oral hygiene often.

10. Baby Pacifier Medicine Dispenser

When baby fall ill such as flu or cough and etc. It's difficult to feed them with medicine. So this pacifier cum medicine syringe is very useful. 

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